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GoGrid White Paper - Skydiving Through the Clouds

Skydiving Through the CloudsA GoGrid white paper shedding light on the different types of "clouds" available, features, benefits and pitfalls.

To many people, skydiving is for daredevils, potentially risky, and very scary at first. To get over the initial anxiety many people shut their eyes and jump blindly out the doors, at which point they begin to relax and have a chance to actually think about what they are doing. For some, approaching infrastructure design and implementation is similar to a blind jump; but it doesn’t have to be.

This paper will:

  • Explain the term “cloud computing” and traditional hosted/in-house infrastructures
  • Define the different types of “clouds”
  • Show the benefits of different cloud types
  • Give you questions to ask both internally and to cloud providers
  • Help you make a decision on what type of cloud is best for your business

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