Don't Let Big Data 
Make You Feel Small

Big sets of data were around long before the term “Big Data” was coined. But with all this new technology and buzz around Big Data, how do you choose the right database repository solution?

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Running Riak in the Cloud

If you’re looking for a NoSQL, Open Source, masterless system that runs like a dream in the cloud, consider Riak. Here's why:

  1. Riak is designed to be highly available and scalable, making it a natural fit with GoGrid’s flexible cloud infrastructure. 
  2. Riak is fault-tolerant, operationally simple, and delivers low latency, so customers can easily see its value. 
GoGrid’s infrastructure is ideal for running Riak. Download our free white paper to learn more about why Riak is a great solution and even better when running on GoGrid’s cloud. 


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