Newest Intel Ivy Bridge Hosted 
Dedicated Servers Available
No lock-in. Flexible pricing.

Say good-bye to overpriced, longer-term contracts for outdated dedicated servers. Provision the latest Intel Ivy Bridge dedicated servers on GoGrid with just the click of a mouse. 

Plus, all GoGrid Dedicated Servers reside on the same VLAN as our Cloud Servers, Load Balancers and Cloud Storage. Which means building a secure, flexible and dynamically scalable network has never been easier.

Intel Ivy Bridge Hosted Dedicated Server Options:

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Server Type Specifications Monthly Price
Application 8 Cores (2x4) 4x1 TB SATA RAID 5 $449
Storage 8 Cores (2x4) 16 BG 8x2 TB SATA RAID 5 $599
Database 12 Cores (2x6) 32GB 6x300 GB SAS RAID 5 $629

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