Ready to Try Cassandra for Free?
It's easier than you think.

Ever wished you could try out Cassandra solutions without having to commit to a long process to get just your dev environment up and running? Now you can!
With 1-button technology, you can be testing a 3-node SSD Cassandra cluster in no time.
Here’s what your 14-day free trial includes:

  • 3-node SSD Cassandra cluster automatically deployed upon account registration
  • Infrastructure built specifically for running Big Data solutions 
  • 10-Gbps high-performance network 


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  3. Log in to your free account and your Cassandra cluster will already be deploying. 
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*During the registration process, you’ll be asked to provide a credit card to secure your account. Your credit card WILL NOT BE CHARGED during your 14-day free trial. Only if you decide to extend your trial past the 14 days will you incur any charges.