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GoGrid Customer Success Stories

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Hybrid Hosting
GoGrid’s Hybrid Hosting combines cloud computing with traditional hosting, giving you the best of both worlds for hosting and scaling production web applications.

"The Microgroove Platform now hosts 100+ music artist and record label websites on GoGrid's infrastructure. Microgroove’s service-first approach to architecting and engineering sites has even attracted customers outside the music industry. Using GoGrid, Microgroove has been able to take its service to the next level."

Microgroove - Snoop Dogg - Screenshot

Big Data
The term “big data” refers to data sets that are so large users can’t capture, manage, and process the data within a reasonable amount of time using common software tools. Big data sizes range from a few dozen terabytes to many petabytes of data in a single data set. Social networking, mobile devices, media/advertising, and internet transactions all tend to generate big data. Organizations that support these activities typically need to optimize I/O performance and ensure high availability to handle such large volumes of data.

Martini Media
"Martini Media uses GoGrid’s Hybrid Hosting solution to power its advertiser media platform. Cloud servers provide elastic scalability for application and web servers, dedicated servers provide high I/O performance for Cassandra databases, and CloudLink provides a secure, dedicated private connection for coast-to-coast Cassandra replication between GoGrid data centers."

Case Study - Martini Media - Funnel image

Lowering Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
"GoGrid’s ability to deliver on SLA, network performance, and multiple data centers as well as its partnership program were key factors in Izoox’s selection of GoGrid as its cloud infrastructure provider. Izoox uses the GoGrid infrastructure to deliver more than 500 customer website, including development, staging, and production environments."

Case Study - Izoox - NEW screenshot

Condé Nast
"Condé Nast Digital Germany relies on GoGrid to distribute the content of several of Germany’s top print magazines over the web. Dependent on advertising revenue, Condé Nast Digital Germany needs to keep costs low while delivering an engaging experience to site visitors."

Case Study - Conde Nast - homepage screenshot

Hosted Private Cloud
GoGrid’s Hosted Private Cloud solution offers enterprises a private, dedicated cloud computing environment from which to run their applications. Without using either shared resources or shared hardware, the Hosted Private Cloud delivers scalability, flexibility, and benefits of cloud computing. This standards-based, virtualization-optimized platform simplifies cloud computing deployments without sacrificing control.

Orange Business Services
"Orange Business Services discovered that with a hosted private cloud built to the company’s specific requirements – it could reduce the overall total cost of ownership and time to market while developing innovative new solutions. Orange Business Services cited several features of the GoGrid Hosted Private Cloud as key contributors to the success of its launch."

Orange - homepage screenshot

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