Info-Tech Research Group Profiles Cloud IaaS Industry Leaders

In July 2011, GoGrid was positioned as "Champion" and selected as the company with the highest “Value Index” score in Info-Tech Research Group’s Cloud IaaS Vendor Landscape.

Info-Tech analysts identified a shortlist of IaaS industry leaders, requested product and company overview briefings, and scored each vendor in eight categories. The purpose of the study was, according to Info-Tech Research Group, to help IaaS customers:

  • Evaluate the Cloud IaaS landscape
  • Identify a cloud partner that best meets business and infrastructure needs
  • Determine the service levels that Cloud IaaS vendors ensure
  • Understand the security designations used by IaaS providers

GoGrid was chosen as a "Champion" and the leading vendor because of:

  • The ability to provide hybrid hosting solutions
  • Flexibility
  • Industry leading Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
  • Corporate viability
  • Strategy
  • Global reach
  • Channel strength

Additionally, GoGrid was singled out with the highest ‘Value Index Score’ which, according to Info-Tech, means GoGrid offers the biggest “bang for the buck” (e.g. features, usability, stability, etc.). All other vendors were indexed against GoGrid to provide a complete, relative view of their product offerings. This GoGrid paper looks at the methodology, findings and recommendations contained in the Info-Tech study, and it details GoGrid’s leadership position within the industry.

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